In gratitude to John Lennon (1940-1980)…

Quinesense 'The journey taken...' Chapter 10

“Today’s impossibilities merely serve as reminders to the incredible opportunities we have yet to accomplish in life…”

I was a very young boy back in the 70’s when I first heard your song ‘Imagine’.  To this very day the inspirational message of ‘hope, love, equality, peace and harmony for all mankind’ of your song profoundly affects everything that I do. Yes, I am a believer and in gratitude to you everything that your songs message has inspired me to accomplish in my life, I established the “The Living Orchard Corporationand dedicated to realizing one of your “Dreams, Inspirations, Visions and Aspirations” for humanity…

To peacefully transform the world around us into one where everyone can live LIFE with…

“Liberty, Independence, Freedom and Equality!”

in gratitude,
Bill Macquis, explorer, discoverer and pioneer.
The Living Orchard Corporation

“Miracles in life don’t just happen… You live LIFE to make them happen!”

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in gratitude,
Bill Macquis –LIFE’ adventurer, explorer and defender
“Quinesence” the journey taken…