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The Q-factors Universal Laws of Chaos and Order…

The Q-factors ‘Universal Laws of Chaos and Order’ are both scientific and philosophical in nature. Philosophical in nature in this discovery was made while attempting resolve the meaning of a recurring I dream I constantly have. The closer I got to resolving its purpose and meaning I found my mind rationalizing the dream from a more global and philosophical perspective, that being the rationalization for our existence on earth and in the universe. As my mind was doing that, it simultaneously began creating very complex mathematical models from patterns of chaos and order that observed going in universe and the world around me. Every time i made breakthroughs in my philosophical rationalization, my mind would immediately use the mathematical models it had created along the way to validate them. This parallel running process going on in my mind eventually led to the co-instantaneous discoveries of “The Q-factors Universal Laws of Chaos and Order” and “Quinesence”. The thing that makes co-instantaneous discoveries unique is that neither would have made if the the other hadn’t been made at the same moment time.

The universal laws of chaos and order in a nutshell

The universe maintains balance through the creation, expansion, compression and destruction of complex systems of chaotic-ordered-ordered-chaos (COOC) and ordered-chaos-chaotic-order(OCCO). These complex systems are made of chaotic and ordered entities contained within the confines of the universe. Chaotic entities are entities are free unbound entities that exist in the universe. Ordered entities are entities that are bound to existing complex systems of chaotic-ordered-ordered-chaos and ordered-chaos-chaotic-order. The the mathematical explanations of these laws would take way to long to explain on this page.

One of the innovations that has manifested since this discovery was made is the “Quantum Values Chronography”(QVC) modeling process. QVC enables us to create simple to use, learn and share graphical tools that can be used to explain very complex mathematical concepts and theories such as The Q-factors Universal Laws of Chaos and Order. The two images below are “QVC’ tools that that explain how the Universe uses change and progress maintain balance through the use of expansion and compression of COOC and OCCO systems. If you look real close you will notice a rounded corner box with a red dashed line border on both images.  Can you figure what this box represents? You can find out at by scrolling down to the bottom of this page.

Quinesence Freedom

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Quinesence Equality

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The answer is…

The box represents how you are connected to the world and everything going on around you. If you answered correctly, here’s challenge for you to accomplish. Now you know how you fit into the world around you. How can you use these tools to begin living a healthier, happier and more productive LIFE?