The re-genesis of life…

I was 10 years old when this story takes place. My mother, brother, sister and I were up at our cottage just getting settled in to spend the summer relaxing and having fun. My brother and I were both competitive slalom and trick water skiers. My brother was a really amazing trick and jump skier, I on the other hand loved and excelled in slalom skiing. We were both  out practicing for a couple of competitions that upcoming weekend. It was my turn to practice and I was trying out a ‘prototype’ for a new high performance fiberglass slalom ski that one of our sponsors was developing that I planned to use that season. My brother was 13 at the time and he was piloting our ski boat. My mom and sister were in the cottage getting ready for lunch. After having an amazing time practicing and trying out the new ski it was time for us to head in for a break and to have some lunch. I was so excited about how incredible this new ski performed and had forgotten that the water levels in the lake were extremely low that year. When my brother turned the boat around so that I could make a cut and turn in towards our dock to release from the tow rope. My new water ski dug in so deep and I accelerated so fast when I made my cut and turn that I flew by the point where I should have released the tow rope. As a result of this, the keel of my ski clipped the swimming rock that is only a few feet off of our dock. Upon clipping the rock the ski literally exploded which in turn sent me hurling into the dock which was sitting about 10 to 15 inches out of the water because of the low water level. I then careened across the dock after which I then began skipping and tumbling across the water for another 50 to 60 feet on the other side of before being brought to an abrupt stop by a very stubborn and unyielding tree. 

My mother heard the sound and commotion and came out to investigate what had happened and immediately saw me  lying wrapped lifelessly around a tree. She then came rushing over to where my body was laying and by then my brother had pulled the boat up onto the beach and was also rushing over to where I was resting. My mother turned when she saw him and told him to immediately turn around and get back in the boat and go to our friend’s island for help. This family friend of ours is a doctor who also served as a member of a team of doctors that worked for our provincial a nation waker ski and snow skiing teams. When my brother arrived at our friend’s island, he was informed by our doctor friend’s wife that he was out of town with one of our trick water skiing teams down in Busch Gardens and she told my brother not to worry. She then summoned her 2 sons and they all began loading up a bunch of medical supplies onto the boats after which they all raced back to our Island. After arriving back at our island she instructed my brother and her sons to start unpacked the supplies from the boats and take everything over to where I was laying. Then she went into our cottage to radio the local hospital for medical help. After she finished that, she then came over to she where I was and then told my brother to get in our boat and go over to the marina on the mainland and get them call my dad and her husband and to stay there because the hospital was sending a medical team that would meet him there and would need to be brought over to the island by boat. 

By the time the medical team at the hospital had everything ready to transport up to our cottage, which was over a 45 minutes drive, my dad had already commandeered a helicopter from one of his job sites and had it waiting at the hospital. The medical team loaded all the equipment anto the helicopter and then flew up to the marine which only took around 15 minutes. Our doctor friend had also contacted my dad to inform him that he was putting another team of doctors together and that they would need to be transported from Toronto; which is where we lived, up to our cottage. My dad then made arrangements with a  friend of his who owned a float plane to fly that team and medical equipment up to our cottage. My dad while coordinating all of this had the emergency crew on the job site he was at, gather up more supplies and equipment and load them onto a helicopter that happened to be on site at the time. Once the copter was loaded up with everything, he then flew up to our cottage.

It took about 45 minutes to an hour before the first medical team arrived on site and by that time my health had deteriorated quite considerably. The medical team immediately began to try and stop all the bleeding and stabilize my vital signs before making any attempt to move me anywhere. In spite of everyone’s incredible efforts, the first attempt to move me ended disastrously and marked the beginning of a 48 hour medical drama that left our beach and the living room of our cottage looking like a military medevac hospital in the middle of a war zone. It was during this 48 hour time period when I experienced what I’ll call an ‘ethereal’ birth experience that was being propagated through multiple near death tramas. After this ‘ethereal’ birth  experience was over birth and the medical teams finally had my medical condition stabilized, I was then airlifted from our cottage to the local hospital, once there I would then spend another day and a half there before being airlifted to Sick Children’s Hospital in Toronto where I would spend roughly the five to six months before I was permanently discharged from hospital care. This story is one of the most challenging stories I have ever tried to express in written words because there are so many incredible and unbelievable events that happened that had to be omitted from this story. The only relevant or pertinent details needed for this particular version of my story are the details of the physical damage and injuries I had sustained.

  1. 5 broken back vertebrae located from my upper lower back to just below shoulder blades.
  2. 3 additional vertebrae just above the tailbone area of my back had been fused together to form one mass of solid bone because the discs that normally kept the bones separated and moveable had been totally destroyed.
  3. Multiple additional discs in my back were seriously damaged or dislocated in my back that caused damage to my spinal cord and twisted my entire spine from the where the spine and neck connects with the skull connects all the way down to where the fused vertebrae were.
  4. The 6 rib bones on my lower right side were broken and the cartilage that normally holds the tips of ribs in place had been totally obliterated. 
  5. Both legs of my legs were fractured below the knees. My right leg was a 10 to 11 inch long compound fracture and my right leg suffered a perfectly clean radial fracture about 3 inches above my ankle. 
  6. My right ankle and knee sustained multiple bone fractures in fact both of theses fractures the doctors could not find all the pieces when they went to surgically repair them
  7. My left knee was basically blown right out of its socket and traveled about an inch and a half up my leg and buried itself  into my thigh muscles.
  8. The top of my skull was fractured, the doctors told me later it was like someone had taken a saw and cut a 4’ circular hole in it. The broken piece was basically one floating plate of bone that had been perfectly separated from the rest of the skull. The doctors said the injury looked like my head had been intentionally opened up to perform brain surgery rather resulting from an  injury.

 The last thing I remember before coming out of a coma some 3 weeks later was my water ski clipping the rock and exploding, then getting hit in the back of my right leg by the broken off tail piece of the ski which then launched me hurtling into the air toward our dock. From that point on, I have no recollection of anything else. The next thing I remember was this incredible sensation of being suspended in a state of “hyperactive stasis” that was no longer limited or bound within any actual physical embodiment. Many people who have had near death experiences describe this as floating free floating and while in this state they could look down upon themselves and see what was going on around their physical body and in the space around their body with great detail. As they continued floating above their body’s they were moving and being drawn into a distant light. Once they arrived and passed through this source of light they suddenly found themselves surrounded in an endless expanse of bright colored lights and moving swirling clouds and of being energized beyond anything they had ever encountered in real life. To a similar degree the suspended “hyperactive stasis”  that I was in had a lot of similarities to what these other people have experienced. The major difference from my experience was that I did not have sense floating or being drawn into a distant light source. I was just instantly there and the essence of my physical being was encased in a bubble that was suspended in what I refer to as the boundless expanse of universal knowledge from which I learned how to communicate with and learn through this ‘ethereal’ birth experience. 

The strangest thing about finding myself suspended in this expansive space of ‘universal knowledge’ was how incredibly overwhelming the feeling of familiarity, comfort, welcomeness and the overpowering sensation that I had already spent a considerable amount of my life here. By the time this ‘universal event’ took place I had already been exposed to and had learned and developed a sound foundational understanding of everything going on, in, though and around me in this expansive space of universal knowledge that I now found myself totally immersed in. On my mother’s father’s side of her family there is a hereditary pattern of producing male children with very unique ability of being able to manipulate the ‘plasmatic fields’ that the expanse of universal knowledge is composed of.  My mother’s father has this hereditary genetic trait as do I and he was the person who first discovered my abilities and introduced me to learning how these abilities worked and how they could be manipulated using simple movement of my hands, visualizing and sensualizing them in my mind. How through manipulating these entities you could transmute or transform everything else in the surrounding plasmatic-energetic field space. He had passed away a couple of years prior to this water skiing incident happening, and after his death there was no one else in my life I could go to  learn more about these abilities. After which I found myself constantly asking questions in my mind as to how I was going to learn more about all of these really fascinating abilities and how to use them. 

Ater the water skiing incident, now I finally find myself in a place surrounded with everything I could ever ask for to help learn and master my abilities. I was like a kid in a candy shop devouring everything in sight… This new experience was entirely different from what my grandfather had previously shared with me because in this expansive space of ‘universal knowledge’ I had the sensation of being fully integrated, immersed and directly connected to everything that existed within this realm of limitless  ‘universal knowledge’ and was no longer bound and restricted by the limitations of my physical being. I describe the sensation as feeling fully integrated, immersed and totally connected rather than being assimilated because I still had the sensations of being a wholly identifiable entity with the essence of SELF (Soul Enabled Life Force) that was identical to the one that existed within my full human form. In this ‘hyperactive stasis’ or more correctly plasmatic-energetic form all of my senses of sight, sound, smell, touch and taste were exponentially enhanced. This new ‘hyperactive-energetic” embodiment of SELF had an identifiable human-like form that was totally devoid of any physical limitations. It actually felt like I was made from some sort of fully transmutable, transformable and mouldable elastic material that had density but no physical mass. This embodiment of SELF was in turn encased in a bubble  that was being suspended in the expansive space of ‘universal knowledge’. The really odd thing was that as excited as I was to be able to freely discover, explore and learn how to actualize the potentiality of my abilities, the most important thing to me was asking the universe to explain to me how everything around me felt so familiar, comfortable, welcoming and that I this incredible overwhelming feeling that I had already spent a considerable portion of my life here already. In fact I felt so at home here that I could have spent the rest of eternity here.

At this point in my journey I began learning how to manipulate the plasmatic-energetic fields that surround the bubble that encapsulated the entity of SELF that I had become. Through manipulating these plasmatic fields I could create what could be best described as being a  virtual 3D full sensory (visual, udio, smell. touch, and tase) camera and despite the lack of fine details the models projected by this camera enabled me to examine this entity of SELF and the bubble and how this was interfacing and interacting with the expansive space of ‘universal knowledge’ that my bubble was suspended in from an external view. After learning the basics of how to use this really cool camera, the universe took control of it and began to create a model similar to the entity of SELF that I had already familiarized myself with.These new modeling projections instead of being from an external perspective were taken from a viewing perspective being located in the center of the interior space of the entity of SELF and the surface that was being projected on the interior surface of this entity of SELF was the external surface view of the entity itself. It’s really quite a strange and disorienting thing to experience for the first time as I could see, hear, smell, touch and taste everything that was going on externally the entity of SELF but from a point within the entity. Once I got adapted to it, the things I began learning about my surroundings and how I was interfacing and how I was able to interact with everything from this internalized-external perspective was a totally mind blowing ethereal immersive sensual experience that I just can not explain in words… 

If you think this stuff sounds pretty weird, things got even weirder and more bizarre.The next thing that began to happen felt like the universe had taken the camera and was now taking me on a journey though some of the curving shaped plasmatic fields that were being  projected and emitting from my body. Traveling through each of these plasmatic-energetic curved shaped fields created its own unique full sensual experience that permuted throughout my entire entity of SELF. The strange thing was that although it looked like I was travelling through these entities there was no sensation of size, motion, speed, orientation or direction it was like I was stationary and this camera created the effect of moving the whole expansiveness of space around me. Think of it like watching an Imax movie except you see, hear, smell, touch and can taste everything that surrounds you in every direction instantaneously and simultaneously. As each entity I traveled through became fully formed, it then detached from the entity of SELF and was just left freely suspended in space. After the universe had me create a bunch of these freely suspended plasmatic-energetic entities, I then found myself moving away from the last entity to a new viewing perspective where all of the entities and the bubble that contained the entity of SELF that I had become was viewable. As I was being transported to this view point, the universe started arranging the curved shaped entities. By the time I had arrived at my final viewing position the curved entities that looked very similar to calligraphic pen strokes had been arranged to create a 3D model form that looked like a pregnant woman. This model had very few physical details as the curved shaped entities were used to highlight certain profile aspects of a female form. 

The model’s head shape was formed using a bunch of flowing curved shapes that that looked like hair flowed from the forehead, over the top and then down the back of the head where a few stands flowed down the neck to the upper back of the body and the majority of the curved shapes flowed over the model’s shoulder and down the model’s front and under the chest. The face of the model resembled a simple side profile that went from the top of her forehead head all the way down her face around and under her chin a partially down her neck. As far as facial details the only things were shapes that showed the eye recesses and eyes, ears and lips. The model’s upper right arm consisted of a curved flowing shape that went from the neck to the shoulder then swept down forming the upper profile of the right arm and there was a second curved shape that flowed from the underside of the arm from the elbow up to the hand, and hand so that it looked like the model’s right hand west resting on top of the belly. The model’s left arm was much less detailed and consisted of a single flowing curved shape that started at her left shoulder came  down her side and looked like she had positioned her left hand under and was supporting the underside of her belly. The shape used for the belly was smooth flowing, really rounded curved like that of a pregnant woman’s belly looked and there were also some smaller curved shapes used to create her belly button. The shape used for her breast was a large smooth flowing rounded shape that started at a woman’s shoulder and came to rest on the top of the woman’s belly. The next curved shape was another smooth and flowing shape that represented the model’s bum. The remaining few shapes were used to create the profiles of the upper side profiles of the model’s right and left thighs and another small curve v shape was placed on the lower torso under the belly where the inner thighs and legs came together. The one interesting anatomical omission from this model was that there was no spine or backbone…

Once the model was finished being assembled the universe started manipulating the cloud shaped plasmatic-energetic fields that are constantly and randomly flowing everywhere in the surrounding space so that they begin to funnel into the model’s body where the curved part at the base of the spine would be, just above the bum. As these clouds were being funneled into the lower back area, they were transformed into what looked like a tube of stranded light that was shaped to follow the curvature of the spine. The tube of light strands ran up to the top of the spine where the neck connects and another funnell of clouds began to be emitted where they were eventually absorbed back into the surrounding expanse of ‘universal knowledge’. The difference between these two cloud formations is the volume of clouds that were flowing into the base of the model’s spine were exponentially higher than those that were being released back into the universal space at the top of the spine. Shortly after this process began, four spinning colored spherical orbs appeared inside the model’s body. Two of the orbs were located and appeared to be collected were located in the lower back area and the other two orbs that also appeared to be connected were located in the upper back area of the model. As this process began to stabilize another strange  thing bagan happening. 

Light traveling through the lower part of the tube appeared to be bending and being drawn into the pair of spheres located in the lower back and the upper pair of spheres appeared to be sending light back into the spinal shaped tube of light at the top of the back . There were a few more odd things that began to happen but these are the only ones that are needed  in answering my questions about how familiar, welcoming and familiar this expansive space I now existed in felt. 

I began to notice an anomaly forming just below the model’s belly button. It was a bright spark then another one and more and more kept happening and each one increasing in size and frequency until at one point the sparks sudden turned into a very intense lightning bolt looking plasmatic-energetic shape that went from where sparks had been radiating to the exact same place on the curved spinal shaped tube of standard light to was feeding light into the pair of connected lower orbs that were in the model’s lower body. Just as this lightning bolt was about to disappear another one arrived to take its place. Eventually this process got to the point where it looked like a permanent lightning bolt had been created directly connecting the anomaly and the spine together and the anomaly had in fact become a bubble. The next thing I began to notice was that as the lightning bolt was getting more intense and bigger the anomaly got. The anomaly began growing very quickly and there appeared to be a dark plasmatic-energetic form being created that looked like a lump of modeling clay  inside of the bubble. The lump then began to grow very quickly becoming bigger and bigger until something really unexpected happened. A spinal shaped tube of light began forming inside of this lump. As this spinal shaped tube of light started to grow larger and larger the lump grew exponentially larger and began to take on a strange but somewhat identifiable form and was no longer just a big lump. It was like the lump was in some sort of transformational state that was becoming a more identifiable form. This form began to grow even faster and the transformations were becoming more dramatic and before I knew it the lump had taken on a form that looked like my brother’s pet turtle because it had a very disproportionately big head, very rounded humped shaped body and its arms and legs looked like turtle fins. The form’s body movements were very similar to how his pet turtle used his fin to swim across his little aquarium. At that moment it seemed as if the turtle was being overdosed with some sort of super transformational growth hormones because of how quickly this little turtle transformed into becoming a recognizable humanoid form. At that very moment that happened I could feel this incredible cool wave flow through my entire entity of SELF because I realized that this humanized form my little blob had transformed into was exactly like the SELF entity I  had become in the expansive pace of ‘universal knowledge’. The next thing I knew I had been returned to my entity of SELF and had replaced the humanoid entity in the model and was now peacefully resting suspended in the amniotic fluid within the security and warmth of the pregnant woman’s womb. At this point I was so excited that I couldn’t wait to be given birth to so that my SELF entity could be reunited with my real body that lay somewhere waiting patiently for my return so that I could share this incredible journey with my parents. 

The next thing I remember was hearing my parents having a discussion with some doctors who were telling my parents that I needed to have surgery on my back and that if they did not do the surgery now that I would possibly never walk again. My parents were in a standoff with them because no one had any idea why I was paralzed and the surgery could in fact potentially do more harm than good. It was at this point I suddenly came out of my 3 week coma and the first thing that I said was something to the effect that ‘Well if that’s what you think then I will just teach myself how to walk again’. With that my parents turned to the doctors and said now you know our son’s decision about having any surgery. Then the legal battles began and fortunately our family doctor friend got involved and took over my care and within 6 months I had begun the process of learning how to walk again and was fully discharged from the hospital. Within 18 months I was back competitively racing my dirt bikes  go cart, snowmobiles and water boat. I never did waterski again as right my ankle and knee were too damaged and I just couldn’t slalom ski any more no matter how hard I tried…. This water skiing incident was the first of three sporting incidents that resulted in breaking my back and fracturing my skull and sustaining supplemental brain damage. Both of these incidents resulted from motorcycling, the first when I was 14 and then again at 17 after which I retired from motocross motorcycle racing for good… 

After the water skiing incident the doctors told my parents that as a result of my head injuries that my brain would not fully develop and that I would probably end up with the mind with the development of a 10 year old. Now factor in that I sustained 2 more serious brain trauma injuries and look at everything that these incidents and my OCD have enabled me to accomplish in LIFE!!! If none of these incidents and I was not born with my mental birth defect ‘Quinesence’ and ‘The Universal Laws of Chaos and Order’ would have never been discovered.

Quinesence the journey taken in discovering, embracing and actualizing SELF, the ‘Soul Enabled Life Force’ that guides one in how to live life with greater purpose, meaning and integrity through serving the betterment of humanity. The SOUL is the ‘Source Of Universal Love”. When LOVE is freely and openly shared it creates ‘Limitless Opportunities Virtually Everywhere’ for us to unite in working peacefully to transform the world around us into one where everyone can live LIFE with ‘Liberty, Independence, Freedom and Equality’

“Miracles in life don’t just happen… You live life to make them happen!”

I have shared in telling this story with many friends over the years, this however is the first time that I have ever had the opportunity of a want or need for expressing it in the written word due to the fact that I don’t read or write due to the way my brain processes the written word. Thanks to a new friend of mine Allan, who was introduced to me via the universe through the convenience of the internet that opportunity arose. Thank you Allan for becoming my friend and for encouraging me to write this and the other stories that I have shared with you. May your life’s journey be long and filled with wonder and amazement as you continue on in discovering, embracing and actualizing your ‘SELF’…

Bill Macquis – ‘LIFE’ explorer,discoverer and pioneer.

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