What it really means to be a ‘DIVA’…

“A DIVA is a person who manifests their Dreams, Inspirations, Visions and Aspirations in ways that serve the betterment of humanity”

These are the core principles, values and missions they life LIFE by…

“They serve, protect and respect our fundamental human right to live LIFE with “purpose, meaning and integrity”

“They freely and openly share their knowledge so that it can nurture the healthy natural growth and development of the creative free thing and original thought processing capabilities of others”

“They work to peacefully transform the world around them into one where everyone can live LIFE with “Liberty, Independence, Freedom and Equality”

Gloria Steinem, John Lennon and Martin Luther King Jr. are three people that I have a great admiration and respect for because to they truly exemplify what it truly means to be a ‘DIVA’.

The DIVA acronym came to me one day back in 2012. At that time was starting up a new business which was going to focus on helping small business owners operate their businesses in self sustainable, more socially responsible and accountable ways. The original name I was going to use was My Mobile CEO, as that is basically the type of services the company would be providing.. Fortunately for me no on liked the name.  One morning while working on my new business venture at Starbucks a friend of mine showed up. This friend happens to be an attractive women who’s presence exudes a natural air of sophistication. She asked me if she could sit my friend Sara Troy and I to enjoy her coffee and join our conversation. During the conversation I started explaining the issues I was having with the company name I had chosen for my business when all of a sudden I blurted out that I was a DIVA. At that point they both burst out laughing because the word DIVA is last word in the dictionary you would ever use to describe me. I then went on to explain that we are all DIVA’s because it is our “Dreams, Inspirations, Visions and Aspirations”  that drives our sense for adventure and excitement in life. These same 4 factors are the key reason that people go into business for themselves. At that moment “The DIVA Mindset” popped into my head and became the company’s new name. Funny thing was that people had even bigger problems with this new name because of the word DIVA. Fortunately the universe intervened with other plans for me that rendered the need for me to ever resolve company name issue any further. The DIVA however has stuck with me and as as grew and developed greater clarity in my own life, the meaning of DIVA evolved into becoming everything that it now stands for.

Bill Macquis – ‘LIFE’ adventurer, explorer and pioneer

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